Grading Comic Books has a short and very helpful tutorial on How To Identify Your Comic’s Title & Issue Number. They will also be happy to review a list of your comic books for free if you email them at to advise you their objective professional opinion on whether or not to submit them to CGC or PGX for valuation. Before you spend the money, it makes sense to contact first to find out the market value of your comic books!

Their sister-company can also be of help. They are the largest buyer and seller of Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age comic books, and spend upwards of $5 Million each year to buy comic book collections. The comics with the most potential for value are those printed between the 1930s – 1970s, and have original cover prices of 10 or 12 cents. It is not worth contacting or if you have comics from the 1980s – present, but if you do have comics that are from the 1930s – 1970s, you should call them first. If they are not interested in appraising your collection or taking it on consignment for sale or comic book auction, they are always happy to refer you to smaller companies that they know are reputable and will treat you fairly.

If you feel confident that you have a comic collection or comic book worth having graded, you can visit CGC Comics and go see their Rates for to plastic holder your comic via Express or Economy Service. They will do a restoration check which will determine if the CGC holder has a Blue Label or Purple Label,, and they can also do pre-screens, walkthus and reholdering, not to mention help make the determination of market value. They may no longer offer a pressing service. Go to their site for a CGC submission form or to look at the CGC Registry. They can also reholder comics. Their president and head grader is named Mark Haspel.

PGX Comics is an alternative grading service that does a very good job of encapsulation and grading of comics for comic book appraisal. Their rates are less expensive than CGC, but their slabs can sometimes give buyers more confidence in purchasing a comic book that has been evaluated by a 3rd party comic book grader.

Follow this handy guide to find comic book titles that can sometimes benefit from comic book grading and comics appraisals!